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Fall Bricks


Flip Stick app icon.

Fall Bricks is a simple one-button puzzle game for iOS.

It's our second game, and creating it gave us a chance to expand on the lessons learnt while making Flip Stick.

In Fall Bricks, you tap the screen to make bricks fall onto the stage. You have to try to make groups of 10 or more of the same colour to get points, and those bricks will be cleared from the screen. As you get points, the new bricks are randomised, making the game harder. If the bricks reach the top of the stage, it's game over!

We also outsourced the audio for this game. See Music and Sound Design below.

Platform : iOS (Want it on another platform? Let us know here!)

Download Size : 14.6 MB

Price : Free!

Music and Sound Design

The music and sound design for Fall Bricks was written and created by Tom Fitzsimmons.

If you are interested in Tom's work, you can contact him via email at thomasjfitzsimmons134@gmail.com

His website is coming soon.

You can listen to some samples of the game's music below.
(Music player not currently working in Firefox. Please try Chrome, IE, or Safari)

Fall Bricks Main Theme

Fall Bricks Menu Music

Screen shots

Flip Stick screen shot 1.
Flip Stick screen shot 2.
Flip Stick screen shot 1.
Flip Stick screen shot 2.